college radio is a special medium the title of a radio show I've been doing for some time, on KZSU Stanford (90.1 on your FM dial).

Wanna see playlists? I got playlists.

Show archive (secret stuff…)

an earful of…

An Earful of Convoy

45 hours of content about the 1978 film Convoy. Recorded over the course of 2013-2017

An Earful of Cocktail

Same level of analysis, but about the 1988 film Cocktail. Recorded over the course of 2017-2019

An Earful of You've Got Mail

Same level of analysis, but about the 1998 film You've Got Mail. Recorded over the course of 2020-

The Henry George Program…

A show about economics, housing, inequality, and reform. Currently airing 9:00am Thursdays on KZSU.

assorted content…

Loon Talk…

A freeform conversation program with Matt Rabin.

radio plays…

Acting/radio dramas with friends: enjoyed by many at the station. Hypothetically enjoyed by listeners.

Such bouts of radio dramas (scripts culled mainly from the incredible resource The Generic Radio Workshop) have been happening off and on since early 2012.

A history:

2013 Radio Play Marathon

held January 26, 2013. some photos here.

2014 Radio Play Marathon

held April 25, 2014.


the pheast…

Here's some content from The Pheast, a semi-regular program I've done with KZSU colleague DJ PJs along with a few guest appearances.

more about kzsu…

I joined KZSU Stanford in late 2009, started doing shows in 2010, had served as Program Director starting in 2010, and wore some other hats (computing department, contributing to zines, other stuff). It's a special place.

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